What Will You Do to Fill Their Days?

What Will You Do to Fill Their Days?

The months of June, July, and August conjure up images of lazy days spent lounging at the pool or beach.

Summer can be the best time of year for families. Time off from school means peach picking and picnics, chasing fireflies and playing on the swings at the neighborhood park.

Wait, what’s that sound? Oh, we know: It’s reality crashing in.

Summertime can be stressful for working families. How do we fill all those weeks of vacation? How do we ensure that our kids aren’t just spending the hours gaming on Angry Birds and snacking on Cheetos? During the school year, parents can rest easy that the kids are in a safe, engaging environment. But the summer months? What’s the best plan?

Some kids will need serious downtime after an intense school year, while others would do well immersed in a world of play with their friends. And still other children might want to devote their days to mastering one of their interests at summer music camps or arts camps – even weight loss camps.

MomMD looks at summer options that can make the months sizzle instead of fizzle. And we’re not just talking for the kids, but for ourselves as well.

Option 1: Sleep-away camp

Option 2: Unstructured play

Option 3: Summer school

Option 4: Day camps