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Why Friendships are Valuable to Physician Moms

Why Friendships are Valuable to Physician Moms

As physician moms, nurturing our friendships can get lost in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. Long work hours, on call coverage, raising a family, in addition to trying to squeeze in some me time, can cause us to put our friendships on the back burner.  The journey of graduating from college and then moving on to medical school, changed the way we lived our lives. For some of us, we moved to a different unfamiliar location which made it difficult to sustain the close relationships that we once had with our friends. It also brought on the new challenge of trying to get to know new people and establish new friendships.

As we age, it’s just as important to maintain those friendships we had in our 20’s. Our lives begin to take on new challenges like marriage, divorce, children, aging parents, and career transitions. Having someone in your corner to support you through these changes can make all the difference. There are many benefits to sustaining friendships. They are as follows:


As a physician mom, sometimes we can feel like we are not accepted by other moms or our male coworkers. We must try to figure out how to be present at work and be available to take time off if a child is sick or to attend a school function. We struggle with the feeling that we are not accepted because of the perception that we are not putting in as much time. Knowing that we have friends who accept us for who we are, boosts our self-confidence and reduces or stress and anxiety about the choices we have to make as moms.


Physician moms need support to be able to be successful at work and home. Support from friends can be in the form of a phone call, offering help with childcare, lending a listening ear or offering a shoulder to cry on.


Work life balance is important for our physical and mental well-being. Being able to take time off to spend with friends and just have fun can give us the boost we need to push through our daily encounters. The meaningful, interpersonal bond we have with friends, helps us to live healthier, more balanced lives.

Our girlfriends who are our sisters, mothers, aunties, college buddies and co-workers, are the women who help us celebrate the good times and support us during the tough times. If you want to restore balance to your life, reconnect or strengthen your relationship with your friends, sign up for our 5 Day girlfriend challenge starting August 28th.

Close your eyes and think back to when you were younger. Can you remember that carefree feeling you felt when you and your girlfriends had a fun night out? It’s okay, let the nostalgia creep in. Because over the next 5 days, you will receive a challenge in your inbox that will work to recreate that feeling and rebuild that bond that you and your friends once had.

During this challenge, you will gain a stronger understanding of:

  • How relationships are important to maintaining your own personal wellbeing
  • How to reconnect with someone who you have lost contact with
  • How to be present while hanging out with your girls
  • How to make time to nurture your friendships
  • How to encourage your friends to be healthy

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