Why Microbiome Skin Care Is Essential For Healthy Glow

Why Microbiome Skin Care Is Essential For Healthy Glow

We think skim is only important for beauty. But the reality is it’s very important to the overall health. The skin is the largest organ of human body. This one is also the main interface between inside and outside of the body. Millions of microbes live on our skin. And the surprising thing is they have a very important and useful role. As they are necessary for healthy skin, we have discussed how important microbiome skin care is.

The microbiome is the collection of microorganisms that live in particular places. For an example, the entire collection of gut microbiome is known as the gut microbiome. As same, the entire collection of microorganisms that live on our skin is called skin microbiome.

How It Relates to Overall Health?

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Well, there are over 1 trillion bugs that live on our skin and they are of 80 different fungi species & 100 different bacterial species. The skin microbiome adjusts your skin on “Eco Niche”. It means the microbiome is depended on the amount of light and akin area conditions such as dry, oily, hairy or moist. Also, they are different due to gender and age.

We thought that the microbiome only lives on the skin surfaces. But now, we know this is not right. In the year of 2003, the scientists did a test of deep dive into the dermis in order to look for the microbiome. The result was really surprising. The scientists found the microbiome down to the subcutaneous fat layer. After a deep experiment, we now know that the skin microbiome has a connection with the immunity system of the body and it protects the body against any infection. So, we can say good skin microbiome has an important role in the body’s immunity system. The preferable acidic environment for microbiome is around pH 5.0. Also with this environment, it helps to inhibit the growth of the pathogens.

On the other hand, the skin immune system and the microbiome contact each other and dampen information regularly. The skin immune system releases various antimicrobial peptides to balance out when the microbiome is out of the line.

Tips to Tend Skin Microbiome:

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 We often have the tendency to use excess antibiotic and to be clear. That’s why we use soaps and antimicrobial hand sanitizers. These products clean out our skin buy along with that, it also becomes the cause of danger for the good microbiome. Topical steroids, oral steroids, hand sanitizers and internal medicines (antibiotic) can damage the skin microbiome directly or indirectly. And also remember that skin microbiome can be damaged by anything that damages gut microbiome.

Here are some tips about what you can do for your skin microbiome to keep it healthy-

  1. Take care of guts. As the skin microbiome is related to gut microbiome, so you should be careful about it. You may take the high quality probiotic.
  2. Identify the trigger foods and remove them as they (such as dairy & gluten) associated to exacerbate skin issues.
  3. Always eat healthy and try to stay hydrated. Try to take only organic food as much as possible. That’s because foods can influence the skin microbiome as well as the skin in many ways.
  4. Try topical probiotic. Using probiotic mixed with shea butter or coconut oil helps the skin microbiome.
  5. Try to work harder to sweat a few times in a week. The sweat produces fortifying prebiotic that is good for microbiome.
  6. Minimize the use of soaps and hand sanitizer as much possible because they harm the microbiome.
  7. Try to keep the stress level in check. Because the overstress negatively influences the microbiome.