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why MomMD?

So as I sat this morning with the founder of MomMD who has asked me to blog on the MomMD site, I was initially ambivalent.   My blogging has always been professional, right?  I’m just hoping to help some folks.  Why is it relevant that I am a Mom anyway?

I’ll give you some background on this one.  When other women joined the American Women’s Association during medical school, I was scornful.  Not because I was not a feminist.  Rather, because I was too much of a feminist and too young and ignorant.  I thought being a woman should be absolutely and completely irrelevant to my chosen profession.  So, you can imagine, it is a long leap from there to blogging on a website designed specifically for women and moms.

However, as the MomMD founder worked my computer, the eclectic contents of my bookmark bar were immediately and painfully apparent.  Bookmarked immediately alongside “MomMD” and “Pubmed” on my work computer, sat “recipes for kids,” “national geographic kids”  and “Seussville.”  Just as I was done wincing about this lack of professionalism,  my five year old went sprinting by with a light saber amidst a battle.

And so it dawned on me, that indeed I planned to blog on an ideal web locale.  The fact that I am a mother and a physician are inextricably interwoven in my days and my methods.   My medical training influences how I mother.  And, being a mother influences how I doctor.  I think and hope, that each improves my efficacy at the other.