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Why should I want to be a blogger for MomMD?

Why should I want to be a blogger for MomMD?

Maybe you’re thinking about being a blogger for MomMD but aren’t really sure why you would. This blog is to explain a few of the main reasons why being a blogger can be beneficial for you and others on the site.

1. Sharing information and experiences: There are a lot of healthcare professionals out there, and, if you’re on this site, you probably have some input on the healthcare system. Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, intern, or related writer, you have some inside information that others, who might be looking to get into the profession, don’t have yet. You can help them out by sharing your insights with others. People are waiting to hear from you and they don’t even know it yet.

2. Community: Get feedback from the MomMD community about experiences you’ve had. The community can comment on your blogs, give you helpful information, or back up your ideas. With feedback you can also get other peoples perspectives, which can be helpful in any number of situations in your professional or personal life. MomMD promotes a healthy balance of work and life, and the community is willing and able to help you with both. MomMD has a great community of healthcare professionals who are eager to learn and help others.

3. Networking: logger is an interesting new way to meet people. When you’re writing for MomMD, you already have your profession in common with the people who are listening. As a student, this could put you in touch with people who could be beneficial contacts later on. As a healthcare professional, you can easily find people who think the same way that you do about important subjects in the field. This can lead to beneficial professional relationships. There is also a social networking aspect to MomMD, you can network and find people who have the same interests as you outside of a work atmosphere. This can lead to friendships based on your common interests as a healthcare professional.

These are only a few of the reasons that being a blogger for MomMD is beneficial for you and other users. You can sign up here and then fill out the become a contributor page and start blogging!