Why Medical School?

Why Medical School?

Why medical school?

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The decision to become a doctor is probably one of the most intimidating you can make.

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As a premed student, you will be working for at least two years without guarantee of a spot in medical school. It means publicly stating that you want something that in 1997 only 35 percent of those applying received – a position in medical school. And then after an arduous application process, that decision means committing yourself to a labor-intensive course of study, including four years of medical school and three to twelve years of residency and fellowship.

Physician, Know Thyself

One important element of preparing your application campaign is articulating why you want to be a doctor. This also involves demonstrating that you have glimpsed the reality of what it is to practice real medicine, not the glamorized versions on Chicago Hope or ER. While some students have a clear epiphany they can movingly relate regarding their career goal, for many applicants, the decision to enter a medical field isn’t as easily conveyed. Some find themselves daydreaming in organic chemistry class, still trying to decide two years into the prerequisites if this is the career for them. The point is that you need to gather as much information as possible, immerse yourself in it, and then think long and hard about whether a career in medicine is right for you.