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Why is this Site Called MomMD?

Why is this Site Called MomMD?

MomMD was founded in 1999 by mother of two, Sethina Edwards. At the age of 29 and with a young baby she decided that she wanted to become a doctor. When telling anyone about her dream Sethina was greeted with blank stares, raised eyebrows and disbelief that a mother would choose such a difficult career at the ripe old age of 29! Sethina’s pediatrician attended medical school in the 1980s as a single 33 year old mom, so she knew it was do-able. When her daughter was about 9 months old she decided to make a website to find moms in medicine like her. She had no big intentions, just a desire to find support from like minded women. She coined the name “MomMD”, it was short and sweet and seemed to roll-off the tongue. Sethina never really imagined that MomMD would become anything significant. With the first week of being online she had recieved hundreds of emails from women happy to connect with others like them. They were no longer alone, many of these members are still active today. Now, nearly five years later, MomMD is a leading online community for all women in medicine. MomMD is a brand name of value and meaning to thousands of women. Up to 70,000 women visit the site each month and there are over 7000 members in the MomMD association.

Soon after founding MomMD, she discovered that many visitors were not yet mothers, but may want to become mothers at some stage during their career. Sethina also discovered that, mothers or not, many of the issues faced by her visitors were issues affecting women in general. MomMD also welcomes many D.O. doctors and doctors-to-be. Currently, over 92% of visitors to MomMD are M.D. physicians, students or applicants and around 60% are mothers. MomMD focus became a site addressing all women (and some men) in medicine. The name had developed into it’s own brand and reasonated well with many. It became a registered service mark and private company.

MomMD welcomes all visitors – women, men, moms, non-parents, spouses, partners, M.D.s, D.O.s and so on. You don’t have to be a Mom or an MD to love MomMD!