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Women physicians thinking of leaving medicine: How can I help?

This blog post is for my women physician readers – or for you to forward to any woman physician you know!


As the host(ess) of the Women Leaving Medicine blog and physician coach owner of The Entrepreneurial MD here, I would love to get your opinion.


I started this Women Leaving Medicine blog over 2 years ago, with an initial post expressing my philosophy and a manifesto. Almost immediately, the blog took on a life of its own as women began finding it and contributing their stories spontaneously. They also began generously supporting one another.


Week after week, I read the posts that appear, and while I am grateful that these women physicians or medical students/aspiring physicians have taken the time to share their stories  — stories filled with pain, despair, loss of hope, determination and even occasional successes – I am disheartened by their depth of their anguish and size of their struggle.


I so badly want to help women doctors feel better about their lives and professional choices AND find workable solutions.


While I realize each of you has your own unique story, situation and set of needs, I believe there are themes that are emerging: survival; finding joy; embracing your own identity whether you choose to practice medicine or not; balancing the demands of motherhood, spousehood and work; dealing with demanding work environments; coping with deep disappointment as to how life as a physician has turned out for you.


I would love to create an inspiring, affordable, self-paced home study program to provide comfort, inspiration AND solutions, based on my own insights and skills as a physician coach, a working mom (working steadily from home) and as a former practicing family doc who also burned out.


I know you are way too busy for a lot of chit-chat, so this program will not be a big old lecture thing that you’ll have to slog through. Instead, I want your input to help me design and offer you exactly what you want.


If you identify with this struggle in any way:

    • Do you want concise nuggets that challenge you to experience and savor your life more deeply?


    • Do you want to learn new skills to help you discover for yourself that next experience that will bring you deeper fulfillment and satisfaction in your professional and personal life?


    • Do you want me to share a ton of resources that point you to non-clinical opportunities?


    • Do you want a bit of everything?

Here is a link to a brief 5-question survey to help you answer these questions (it won’t take longer than 3 minutes):  Women in Medicine Survey


Once again, how can I REALLY be of service to you, and help you with your often very difficult choices??


Philippa Kennealy ran a private family practice, and a hospital, before building her coaching business helping MDs launch and run successful practices and businesses. Visit her online to learn more.