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Women in Medicine, Issues, Challenges and Resources

Women in Medicine, Issues, Challenges and Resources

In 2003, there were over 225,000 (25.8%) women physicians in the US, up from 195,000 (24%) in 2000. In 1970 there were around only 25,000 (7.6%). In 2003-2004, there were 17,672 female medical school applicants (around 50.8% of total). In 2003-2004, there were 8,528 (49.8%) in the entering class and 32,146 (47.9%) enrolled in medical school. In the same year 7,343 (45.9% graduated medical school). In other countries, such as the UK, women medical students make up around 60% of the class. However, this growing number of women are still entering a predominantly male dominated profession. Issues such as childcare, balance, flexible schedules and maternity leave are still very much in early discussion. MomMD has grown as the number of women in medicine increases, the following resources have been established to assist women during this challenging career.

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