Physician Mom Reflections

You Know You’re a Female Physician When…

1.  You get called ‘nurse’ or ‘sweetie’ 3x a day, despite your embroidered white coat clearly spelling out “Dr. ___.” You love your nurses – but you did put a good amount of time and money into getting your title, and it’d be nice to hear it from time to time! 

2.  You can never find a small enough pair of gloves in your procedure rooms.  

3.  You are looking for a ‘part time’ position which will allow you to work only 40 hours a week.

4.  You wear your hair down for work and everyone asks if you have a date.

5.  You’ve been asked totally inappropriate (and likely illegal) questions about your relationship status or when you intend to have children at interviews.

6.  The purse that you buy is dictated by whether it can fit your stethoscope and your pager instead of style.

7.  You’ve got a stash of Dermabond at home for the kids’ cuts that the ER would be jealous of.

8.  Your (non-medical) girlfriends are constantly asking you about something they saw on Dr. Oz.

9.  You’ve avoided telling people your profession to seem more attractive – or to avoid raised eyebrows from moms who don’t depend on their nannies as much as you do.

10.  You have pumped in a hospital supply closet.

How else?  Please share!